Stamper services

Here at Stamper, we are dedicated to adapting our service to our clients’ requirements in the areas of design, production and delivery in order to fully integrate ourselves into their production systems in an on-going, constant and uninterrupted fashion.

Stamper services
Stamper services
Stamper services
Stamper services
Stamper services

Metal stamping

We offer machining processes for presses with a maximum capacity of 300 tons where we use progressive and stepped die stamps for small volume-orders.

Multi-slide stamping

We offer low-cost tooling and machining for parts whose design permits this process.

Laser cutting

We develop flat, low-volume parts as well as prototypes thanks to our Trumpf double-head, laser cutting machine for metal sheet cutting.


We use specialist software to design and manufacture the die stamps and devices we need to meet the dimension and operability specifications of the different parts that we produce.

Assembly of machined parts with fasteners

Depending on our clients’ requests, we assemble die-cut parts and machined parts with fasteners, ensuring the quality of the assembled products by carrying out loosening tests that exceed the parameters set by our clients.


We can develop Soft Tools in order to manufacture prototype batches with short turn-around times, including secondary operations, through our laser cutting and thread rolling processes.